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Logistics Jobs 360 specializes in helping companies and job candidates in the logistics and transportation industry find each other. We understand that finding the perfect match between an employee and the company they work with creates confidence, stability and lowers overall turnover --- ultimately creating a productive and happy workplace.

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Make your next career move now. Logistics Jobs 360 helps logistics job seekers make career moves that matter, matching your profile, experience and talents with positions available in the logistics market.

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Logistics Jobs 360 helps you find amazing candidates that match up perfectly with your company’s talent and culture needs. We understand that finding the right candidate is the first step to ultimately, reducing turnover in your company.

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Specialized Recruiting

Companies operating in the logistics industry need employees with specialized experience in key areas --- from warehousing and transportation operations in the field to the HR, Finance, Sales & Marketing and Legal roles in the central office. Filling open roles with candidates who have industry-specific experience and understand the operating details and other nuances of the industry can be challenging, to say the least. That’s the reason Logistics Jobs 360 is here to help.

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